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Staff and Members

Your staff and members, interactions via FITPOR android and ios mobile applications provide the highest level of integration.

As a gym manager or PT expert you just follow. FİTSPOR system will check the rest successfully.

Training Programs

Your trainer now creates training programs for your members from FİTSPOR mobile application where hundreds of professional visual shots are prepared, not on inefficient cartons.

Your members follow the training programs with interesting and fluent presentations from FİTSPOR mobile application on their phone, not through boring and difficult to understand cartons.

Special Nutrition Programs

In case you do not have a nutritionist in your company, your members can follow the ready programs offered by FİTSPOR mobile application in accordance with their wishes.

Reservation and Sports Sessions Your members follow the sessions you have created via FİTSPOR mobile application and thus you can establish an efficient communication network away from all the confusion.