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Sperm Test at Home

Menlab offers a comfortable, comfortable, intimate test at home.

Why Sperm Test?

It is a health test which is affected by environmental factors and the number of sperm varies. The low sperm count is a harbinger of other diseases. Mobility is an important parameter with quality information.

For Who?

Men at potential risk, Hypogonadism varicocele Use of bicycles Smoking Alcohol consumption Using the computer on a laptop Carrying the mobile phone in the front pocket Late development of mumps Having a febrile illness Bath, sauna, hot tub, shower Exposure to gases such as solder, exhaust gas Stress

Testicular size difference

Men with one or more of the above-mentioned conditions are at risk. They need to test sperm health.

Men who want to measure sports strength, Sportsman taking food supplement Active engaged in intensive sports.

Sperm quality gives information about testosterone. Sperm quality should be measured for more efficient studies.

Men who want to be a father,

Not having children despite regular unprotected relationship for a year, Who had a child before and wanted a child again, but who failed the child trials, Men receiving infertility treatment

They can do sperm diagnosis and follow up early diagnosis or treatment.

Families planning children

Couples who have just started planning children A supplementary test for women who have completed their gynecological examination and who are planning a calendar.



Infant Urine Infection Test Families and parents who are curious about the health of their baby can test comfortably at home.